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Healthy living with Osteopathic Treatment


Clinical Interest

The area of particular interest for my practice is in using indirect treatment, without high velocity manipulation. This has come about after seeing patients whose conditions necessitated an alternative to the traditional soft tissue and manipulation approach. They asked to be treated differently. Over the years this group grew and now includes people who, by choice, prefer not to have high velocity manipulation. Using an approach that helps patients to be at ease is important in any clinical setting.


The approaches I use are technically known as indirect and functional techniques. They work by using your breathing and relaxation to help me to release muscles, ligaments and tendons, allowing joints to move more freely. Consequently motion may be increased and pain decreased. Patient participation is minimal and is suitable for all age groups.

Once improvements have been achieved they are consolidated with simple home based exercises, allowing you independence and control over your care.

My objective is to help you to move more easily and effectively with less strain and pain. This may also improve your general health and well being.

The field of Osteopathy is extensive and includes a broad range of hands on approaches, which are tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

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